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Emmanuil Travel Greece

Olympou 42, Nei Pori

 A. 6/7 Days

 B. 5/6 Days

 C. 6/7 Days

 D.7/8 Days

 E. 8/9 Days

Classical Roundtrip

D.7/8 Days


1. DAY   Arrival to holiday resort of Olympus Riviera/ accommodation

2. DAY    Breakfast/ trip to Meteora/ on a way back stopping at the Tempi Valley’s “Agia Paraskevi” nomad place/ return to the holiday resort/ accommodation

3. DAY    Breakfast/ trip to the archeological site of Delphy / visit to museum/ setting off towards Athens in the afternoon/ accommodation 

4. DAY    Breakfast/ city tour: Acropolis, archeological museum, Sintagma square - parlament , change of guards, Panathenon stadium – visit to the place where the first olympic games were held, Plaka – visit to the ancient part of the city/ accommodation

5. DAY   Breakfast/ departure to Peloponesos peninsula/ stop at the Korinthos channel/ continuing to the Korinthos archeological site/ after sightseeing departure to Mykene/ visit of the ancient Agamykene castle with the famous Schliemann graves as well as the mound tombs/ continuing towards Epidaurus (the greatest spot of the Asklepios cult)/ visit of the archeological site and the antic theatre/ in the evening hours departure to Tolo town/ accommodation

6. DAY   Breakfast/ boat trip to 2 islands of the Saronic bay/ lunch on board  (trip according to the own choice) or whole day trip to Olympia ( the place of the first Olympic games arisal)/ museum/ archeological site/ return to Tolo/ accommodation

7. DAY   Breakfast/ to the Olympus Riviera holiday resort/ Greek night -   extra  charged,  accommodation.

8. DAY   Breakfast/ halfday trip to the mountain known from mythology Olympus (home  of the 12 greek gods)/visit to the Olympus national park then visit to Dion the sacred town of the Macedonians/ sightseeing in the archeological site/ departure to home country